Thursday, June 16

Spring Cleaning

iconI've had some things on my mind, all stewing, so I thought I'd share some of them here.

I have been auditing a class called Misseo Dei, or Mission of God for the last four days (one left) which has been a great experience for me. Basically it is a walk though the bible through the hermeneutic (or lens, interpretation) of God the Missionary. He starts coming to man in Genesis 3, and he keeps on doing it up to today. (Don't think that Gen. 1 & 2 are excluded, the very act of creation is an act of grace, a key component of God's mission.)

I have been noticing before this week that when I am thinking, and I come to some (relatively) "cool" conclusion, I am usually moved to talk to someone. Many times my internal "monologue" is a discussion with someone. I am usually thinking about what I would say to that person if they were here. I usually don't get around to actually talking to whoever I was thinking of, but it is interesting (to me anyway) that I never really just think "to myself." I think this is a pretty clear example of God's call to mission. I need to start heeding the call more often.

Another thing I have thought about recently is how vividly I have experienced God's Grace through my interaction with automobiles. My modern, scientific skepticism extends deep into meand I wish it didn't. But when faced with the grace I have seen in my driving I cannot be skeptical. There have been countless times where I have been driving and kinda zoned out... you know, not falling asleep or anything, but just doing what I have always done. (This usually occurs when I am doing the same thing over and over, day in and day out, like back when I lived in Stephenville and drove the same routes.) Something would seem weird, and when I started paying attention I would notice that I have just come up to a red-light and treated it as a 4-way stop, or just completely ran a red light and missed an accident. Skepticism counts it as happenstance, or absurdly calls it fortune, but I know that it is Grace.
Also, the only two cars I have owned have come to me at a much lower cost than the worth they have provided (and one of those is the Volvo I bought less than 2 months ago, but I have driven it more than 7,000 miles already)

God's Grace. And when I didn't notice it, God brought it to my attention. I had been driving every day the same route a couple of summers ago in Stephenville, and just days before I was to return to Maryland, I get pulled over. When I zoned out this time, I had been speeding in a school zone. All summer that school zone hadn't been in effect, but this last time I drove it, it was. "Wake up, look how I have blessed you."

I think that is about it for now.